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Smart Flood Management System


ATOMS Platform (Ai Technology based On Monitoring System)
ATOMS is an AI-based smart sluice gate automation system that displays various data such as water level, flow rate, sluice gate opening/closing, etc.


The Korean government (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Environment), which is promoting a smart river system construction project, is introducing an automation system at 3,500 sluice gates and drainage gates nationwide by 2025, but the interlocking and integration of image control, sluice control, and sensor data is difficult. As it is operated as an individual server, problems such as inefficient control operation and overlapping investment in the budget occur.


ATOMS provide services by integrating data information and images from the water management systems of each river across the country, and provide optimal smart river management services by interworking with heterogeneous equipment and interworking with other local government integrated control systems.


ATOMSTM Platform powerful VMS feature

Integrated Multi Device / Various heterogeneous integrated plugin

   • IP camera & Encoder
   • NVR, VMS
Quality configuration / Stream quality setting
   • 1st, 2nd quality setting per stream
   • Resolution, bit rate, frame
Backup / High speed data backup
   • x50 back up speed
   • Simultaneous multi-channel backup
Playback / Lossless recorded visual play
   • High-speed play, maximum x64
   • Lossless play
Event Action / Event Action
   • Sound output
   • Screen pop-up
   • PTZ Preset
   • Alarm output
Layer / E-MAPlayer






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